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Houston Taylor is a Florida-based boutique firm dedicated to being a strategic partner to its clients furthering each client’s specific goals and objectives. We specialize in complex transactions in Transactional Finance, Real Estate Development and Construction, and Agriculture. Drawing upon the “big firm” training and industry experience of our members, we offer our clients innovative and practical legal solutions to the complex issues that arise in today’s marketplace.

Houston Taylor leverages cost-efficient operations, flexible billing structures and innovative technology to deliver the highest quality legal services, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost to clients.

Practice Areas

Houston Taylor specializes in complex transactions in Transactional Finance, Real Estate Development and Construction, and Agriculture. Our industry experience and knowledge allows us to be an effective strategic partner, mitigating the risk to clients while accomplishing their goals through practical solutions. In furtherance of our commitment to being ahead of the issues affecting our clients, we have developed certain client driven specialty skill sets in essential and emerging areas so to better serve industry specific needs.

Our Approach

Houston Taylor was established by attorneys with the common understanding and desire to practice law in a way that truly adds value to clients’ businesses. Our attorneys are strategic partners to our clients and provide market place insight and expertise to optimize our clients’ success in achieving and exceeding their goals.

Being a true strategic partner means we invest time to learn your business and deliver our services in a way that best serves you. For every client and project, we determine what is important to you as the client and deliver services in a manner that most effectively accomplishes your goals. Unlike larger law firms that deliver legal services to all clients the same way, we deliver legal services in a way that fits our clients’ needs and business models. We are proactive and ahead of the issues affecting our clients’ businesses and we evolve with the legal needs of our clients.

By working with us, our clients can focus on what they do best, knowing we will keep them informed of any legal changes or new legal requirements that affect their business.

Legal excellence and unparalleled service delivery are equal imperatives. It is our goal to provide the highest quality legal services while recognizing the sensitive time and cost context in which our clients work. An essential component of providing excellent service to our clients is providing practical counseling to help move a client’s business forward in the current marketplace and to assure they are prepared for success in the future. We pay close attention to the industry trends and issues affecting our clients’ business, and make sure our counseling is responsive to both the current and projected industry market. We offer our clients industry insights, educational training, networking opportunities, referrals and other resources to facilitate our client’s current and future success. Our business model allows us to remain agile in the market and evolve in ways to be responsive to the market and assure we are providing excellent legal service.

We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations.

We are a Florida-based boutique law firm that specializes in representing sophisticated clients in Transaction Finance, Real Estate, Development and Construction, and Agriculture in a full spectrum of transactional legal matters. While each of our members has been trained and practiced in the larger firms in our region, we believe that the large firm delivery model is not the right fit for many clients in the Florida market and that the highest quality legal services can be delivered without the inflated operational costs that come with the delivery model of many of our competitors.

By maintaining a lean team of experienced specialists and leveraging technology, we operate efficiently and serve the particular needs of our clients with skill and expediency at a reasonable cost.

We work with clients to develop a pricing structure that is right for each project focusing on the client’s goals and need for cost predictability. Our business model allows us to implement flexible fee structures for our clients. By exploring options like alternative fee arrangements, we can more effectively accomplish our client’s goals and partner with our clients in their success.

Our business model adopts the latest technology to streamline operations and improve productivity. Cutting edge practice management software and document management platform allows our team to collaborate seamlessly and to work more efficiently.

We leverage technology to offer the highest quality legal services and deliver excellent service to our clients in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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